Drift Cup Round 1

For the last couple of years once the competitive drift season has finished in the UK the Drift Matsuri event at Anglesey has offered drivers two days to murder as many tyres as possible and generally have a bloody good time. This year the drift community had a chance to start the season in the same way with a Spring Drift Matsuri at Rockingham Speedway. The event would run for two days with the Saturday also including the first round of Drift Cup, the feeder series for the British Drift Championship.

Saturday morning started off a little foggy but talking to locals it was expected to be clear enough to run by 10am,

This did allow drivers to carry out any last minute prep on their cars

The fog finally lifted enough for drivers to get out on the track and get some practice in before the qualifying began

Many people assume tracks are much better than paddocks or car parks, but using areas like this give events the opportunity to run lay layouts very few tracks will allow. They also normally allow the spectators an opportunity to get a little closer to the action and there was a good crowd watching and supporting

Some people say 300zx’s can’t drift…those people are wrong

ex semi-pro BDC driver Belinda Challis was back behind the wheel after a long break from competitive drifting

Danny Ball was competing in one of the distinctive Skid Risk Hulk cars

At the end of qualifying Chris Taylor sat on top of the table with 85.7 points


Driver NoDriverRun 1Run 2Highest
1204Chris Taylor56.785.785.7
2271Mark Illand82.070.782.0
3277Callum Marshall 79.354.779.3
4238Arron Stevens60.078.778.7
5242Stuart Jones73.777.377.3
6247Peter Hayden70.775.075.0
7240Stuart Maclachan0.073.073.0
8255Kriss Darling56.772.772.7
9252Rich Hudson67.371.071.0
10254Mark Webb52.770.070.0
11250Lee Lawrence53.369.769.7
12282Maciej Hawrysz54.067.767.7
13229Charles Funnell65.767.367.3
14299Barry Stevenson58.065.765.7
15251Jack Nicholls0.065.765.7
16237Justin Richardson62.331.362.3
17221Michelle Westby0.061.761.7
18222Ian Longsdale31.759.359.3
19287Richard Gladwin0.059.359.3
20286Damien Spendlove49.359.059.0
21220Oliver Evans49.358.758.7
22296Mark Gemmell52.357.357.3
23297Andy Stroud48.756.056.0
24298Tom Hutchinson54.055.355.3
25226Haydn Cruickshank42.354.354.3
26269Belinda Challis 50.053.753.7
27256Zanna Young47.353.353.3
28257Michael Lewis Jackson36.751.351.3
29279Nathen Cox49.351.051.0
30290Geoff Lane44.750.750.7
31203Frazer Jamieson0.049.349.3
32281Mike Walton45.048.748.7
33292John Gordon39.048.348.3
34274Thomas Kirkwood47.334.747.3
35295Dave Jackson47.046.747.0
36214Taylor Bloomfield 45.726.745.7
37294Lewis Hayler 43.745.345.3
38280Dominic Gates45.336.345.3
39260Sean Chessum
40264Owen Atkinson41.70.041.7
41216Christian Stone40.30.040.3
42223Tom Morgan29.336.736.7
43225Scott Sargent34.036.336.3
44218Danny Ball32.736.036.0
45213Matthew Speake35.023.735.0
46258Steve Knott32.75.032.7
47202James Mansfield32.70.032.7
48210Joe Nall19.730.030.0
49215Ben Mears 13.330.030.0
50241Chris Parham0.015.715.7
51212Martin Giles14.75.014.7
52268Mikey O'Keef

Once the drivers have been given the qualifying results it was on to the battles

things don’t always go to plan with the odd love tap

In among the array of sbodys, Skylines, compacts etc you often get something out of the ordinary at drift events but not sure I ever expected to see a Escort Cossie up against a Toyota KE70.

Frazer Jamieson and Ian Lonsdale both had spins on their lead runs resulting in a OMT. Both drivers stepped up their game and the judges put Frazer into the top 8

After two OMTs the judges had to make a decision in the battle between Justin Richardson and Tom Hutchinson, and it was Richardson who continued into the top 4

Mark Webb drove superbly all day so it was no surprise to see him progress to the final. Oliver Evans would battle the loser of the other semi for 3rd place

Peter Hayden progressed to the final battle against Mark Webb, leaving Justin Richardson to fight for 3rd spot against Oliver Evans

The battle for the 3rd place on the podium was won by Oliver Evans

The final would be between Peter Hayden and and Mark Webb.  I saw Mark compete at a few events last year and while his 1JZ RX7 looks epic it could never match those looks with a winning performance out on track. So for 2016 Mark has swapped to a s14a and with a guaranteed podium spot in his first competitive run it looks to be a good move.

The fight went to a OMT with Webbie taking the win thanks to his proximity on his chase run

The 3 guys in the judging tower making all the hard calls today Paul Smith, Ryan Pothecary and Dan Firmager.

Due to his 100% commited driving all day the The Aford Award Hard Charger Award went to Barry Stevenson

The top 4 drivers now have a chance to drive in BDC round 1 at Lydden Hill in April.

The standard of driving at this level keeps getting better and better and I hope some or all of the top 4 make it to  Lydden Hill in April to see how they do.

The next round of Drift Cup takes place at the Adrian Flux Arena, Kings Lynn on May 14th. All the details are on the Drift Cup website

The full gallery from the round, and the rest of the Drift Matsuri weekend are here Drift Cup/Matsuri Photos


Drift Cup Results
1254Mark Webb28
2247Peter Hayden24
3220Oliver Evans21
4237Justin Richardson18
5229Charles Funnell16
6298Tom Hutchinson14
7290Geoff Lane12
8203Frazer Jamieson10
9204Chris Taylor11
10255Kriss Darling8
11222Ian Longsdale8
12287Richard Gladwin8
13296Mark Gemmell8
14269Belinda Challis 8
15257Michael Lewis Jackson8
16279Nathen Cox8
17271Mark Illand6
18277Callum Marshall 5
19242Stuart Jones4
20238Arron Stevens4
21240Stuart Maclachan4
22252Rich Hudson4
23250Lee Lawrence4
24282Maciej Hawrysz4
25299Barry Stevenson4
26251Jack Nicholls4
27221Michelle Westby4
28286Damien Spendlove4
29297Andy Stroud4
30226Haydn Cruickshank4
31256Zanna Young4
32281Mike Walton4

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